July 22, 2020
When Kathy Pertino visited Seattle, Washington she found a mix of a small fishing town that is met with a booming digital and advanced business space because of the location of the new Amazon offices as well as the two different Boeing spaces. In addition to the Space Needle and the different fish markets, there are also some beautiful hiking spots and of course many different coffee shops. As the home of the original Starbucks, there are also many other privately owned, smaller coffee shops that boast incredible brews of coffee. Kathy Petrino enjoys getting to experience the local flavors of different travel destinations and then write about them.
January 21, 2020
Kathy Petrino is certainly an enthusiastic traveler, but there is more to her than simply traveling everywhere so she can enjoy herself. She blogs about all her travel experiences because of her generous spirit. Kathy thankfully loves to write about everything on her travel blog for everyone to see because she wants everyone to have as good a time as she has. Besides that., she also would like others who travel to the same places she has to miss as many pitfalls as possible.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite travel destinations is to Texas Wine Country. Whereas she is well aware that most people who are into winedon’t usually place Texas at the top of their list of wine destinations in the United States and the world. However, the Lone Star State has been doing many things to improve its reputation in that area. Texas Hill Country now raises some of the best grapes in the country and dozens of wineries have popped up in recent years. That means Texas is now producing some of the best varietals outside of California Wine Country.

That is why Kathy Petrino would like you to travel along the Wine Road 290, where you will find a wide range of wines available, including many Malbecs, Cabernets and Tempranillos. Even better, hundreds of state-of-the-art tasting rooms have cropped up in recent years, which means you can enjoy them all. Texas Wine Country also features many big music and wine events, with some combining great Texas barbecue brisket with country and rockabilly music to lift your spirits as you drink some surprisingly good wine.